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Welcome to the Water Education Water Awareness Committee (WEWAC) site. This site has been created to promote the importance of water and water use efficiency in Southern California and provides resources to educators and students who help us achieve that goal. As you visit the pages of this site, you will find information on our wonderful programs including:


You can also follow us on Facebook, take a quiz to check your water-use efficiency knowledge, and subscribe to our informational monthly newsletter. We hope that you enjoy exploring the site and find its resources useful.

If you are seeking more information on water-use efficiency or other water issues, please visit the Water-Use Efficiency Resource page (located under "About Us") containing some suggested links. WEWAC makes every effort to form partnerships with educators and institutions within its service territory to assist in incorporating the conservation message into water curriculum.

The Water Education / Water Awareness Committee (WEWAC) is a consortium of water conservation and water education professionals, and consists of the following agencies: