Water Education / Water Awareness Committee

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The 2019-2020 EduBucks Program is now open and accepting applications. 

To apply online click here


 CONGRATS to our 2018-2019 Recipients!

  • Julie Chiang-Rowland High School - $800.00
  • Khandy Ly-Rowland Elementary School - $640.00
  • Russell Okinaka-Montclair High School - $800.00
  • Laura Dent-Hier-Rowland High School - $577.00
  • Gilbert Navarro-Jellick Elementary School - $793.97
  • Argy Leyton-Montclair High School - $800.00
  • Octavia Luna-Montclair High School - $664.30
  • Lisa Herrera-Sutherland Elementary School - $789.24
  • Kimberly Johnson-Kingsley Elementary School - $700.00
  • William Brogie-Village Academy High School - $500.00
  • Melinda Villegas-Blandford Elementary School - $700.00
  • Michelle Willie-Jellick Elementary School - $800.00
  • Robert Lopez-Park West High School - $800.00

Judging Criteria

Each application will be judged individually based on
five (5) categories: 

-Aligning with STEAM Standards
-Integration of WEWAC goals – (to promote the importance of water and water use efficiency in Southern California and provide resources to educators and students who help us achieve that goal.)
-Does the program or project provide experiential/hands-on learning
-The number of students reached
-Does the application provide a clear description of the project or program

Please view the judging criteria when completing your application.   

The Water Education / Water Awareness Committee (WEWAC) is a consortium of water conservation and water education professionals, and consists of the following agencies: