Water Education / Water Awareness Committee

Efficiency Resources

Looking for more information on water in California? The following websites offer excellent information about our most precious resource.


Website, administered by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which provides a wealth of information on water conservation programs. The Garden Spot section has a number of resources, including on-line classes, plant listings, galleries of water wise landscaped homes and more!


Aquapedia is an interactive online water encyclopedia that provides easy-to-understand factual information on topical water issues. The resource articles are vetted by the Water Education Foundation and supplemented with photos, graphics, videos, maps and other online tools.

California Department of Water Resources - Education Materials

Education services and materials are provided to schools throughout California by the Public Affairs Office of the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).


Online tour of water saving opportunities in each area of your home. Click on each location provided to show both the facts and specific advice for how to save water. Hosted by the California Urban Water Conservation Council.

Watershed Education

Surf Your Watershed

The Water Education / Water Awareness Committee (WEWAC) is a consortium of water conservation and water education professionals, and consists of the following agencies: